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Guardian of a Minor

Minnesota Guardianship Law

Minor children require guardians in usually only one, sad situation—when their parents die or become incapacitated themselves. Though the circumstances under which minors need guardians are indeed tragic, getting a guardian appointed quickly is important for the proper care and well-being of the children.

Minor children need guardians to help them in many aspects of their young lives. A minor needs a guardian to make decisions about where the child will live, where the child will attend school, what medical treatment the child might need, and so forth.

The child is legally unable to make many significant decisions on his or her own.

You may have heard the term guardian ad litem. That is not quite the same as the guardian we are talking about here. A guardian ad litem is a person the court appoints to represent the interests of the ward in specific judicial proceedings. Guardians ad litem are appointed, for example, to represent minor children when counties in Minnesota petition to terminate the parental rights of the children's parents.

A guardian ad litem has a limited appointment that ends upon resolution of the judicial action. A guardian ad litem is not an attorney and does not represent the minor ward in court. Rather, a GAL (as they are sometimes known by the acronym) represents the minor's interests and hires and works with the minor's attorney on behalf of the minor.

The kind of guardian we are talking about can also be a temporary guardian—usually terminating when the minor turns eighteen—but this guardian protects the minor's interests outside of the judicial system.

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