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How much does this cost?

I usually represent clients in guardianship, conservatorship, and probate proceedings on a set, hourly fee. I am willing to consider flat-fee arrangements: see below.

My base rates are:
» $125.00 per hour for work performed outside of court
» $150.00 per hour for appearances in court
» $75.00 per hour for work performed by a law clerk*

I take appellate cases at a rate of $200.00 per hour for all work, whether in or out of court.

Estate Planning

My estate planning rates vary depending on the documents required and the circumstances involved. However, I will always tell you up front how much your planning will cost for what you require, and the following examples should give you an idea of my fees.

Simple Will and Other Documents
» Single person w/o children: $300.00
» Married person w/o children: $500.00 (for one)
» Married person w/o children: $800.00 (for both)
» Power of attorney: $200.00
» Health care directive: $200.00

Advanced Planning
» Will w/ Trust(s) or similar instruments: $1000.00 to $3000.00 (genenrally)
» With children: add $800.00 (regardless of number)
» Assets over exemption: add $800.00 + varies depending on assets
» Other planning can range from a few hundred of dollars to several thousands of dollars. It is important that we reach agreement about what is needed and what it will cost before we implement a plan for you.

Military and disability discounts: Persons with disabilities and persons who have served in the military are elligible for discounts based on income levels. Please contact me for more information.


My base retainer is usually $1500.00 or $3000.00 (depending on the type of case) and must be provided within one week of signing a representation agreement or retainer agreement, or else representation will be declined, unless previous arrangements are made. A higher retainer may be required in complicated or time-consuming cases. A lower retainer may be negotiated on a case-by-cases basis.

Shop Around

I encourage you to compare rates of several attorneys. While rates shouldn't be your sole deciding factor, it is certainly reasonable to shop around.

Special Circumstances

I am willing to consider three special circumstances:

1. Flat fee: If you would like to negotiate a flat fee that you would pay up front to cover the entire attorney fee in the case, then I am willing to consider arrangements.

2. Low income clients: If you can prove that you have low income and low assets, then I am willing to consider reduced rates or pro bono work. Note: To prove eligibility for reduced rates or pro bono service, you must be prepared to allow me access to your financial and tax records to confirm income and assets.

3. Military: If the ward or protected person or the deceased is or was a member of the United States military within the past five years, then I am willing to offer reduced rates on a case-by-case basis (generally depending on length of service, income, assets, time since service, discharge status, &c.).

Quality Service for Less

Consider this: Lawyers are simply service providers. While our profession requires significantly more formal education than the average mechanic or barber, if you can get the same brake job or hair cut from a service provider who charges half the price but at the same superior quality, then why would you pay more?

There is an old adage: You get what you pay for. In terms of lawyers, the saying doesn't hold up. There are many lawyers who live in expensive houses and drive fancy cars and work out of high-priced offices. This brand of lawyers are required to charge more just in order to get by in life.

You don't need to pay for your lawyer's golf resort membership and vacations to Tahiti just to get good, quality service.

* I do not always employ a law clerk. If I am employing a clerk during your representation, then I will assign as much work as possible to him or her to keep costs lower. I will review any work completed by a law clerk.

guardian conservator
Service Areas: I am willing to represent clients throughout Minnesota, including Aitkin County, Becker County, Carlton County, Dakota County, Faribault County, Goodhue County, Hennepin County, Isanti County, Jackson County, or Kanabec County, just to name a few. Whether you are in Minneapolis or Saint Paul, Shoreview, Roseville, Fridley, Edina, Eagan, or Wayzata, or further out in cities like Rochester, Mankato, Saint Cloud, Duluth, I will represent you.