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Minnesota Conservatorship Lawyer

Basic Information on Minnesota Conservator Law

Conservatorship sounds a lot like conservation, and for good reason. That's precisely what conservatorship is.

A conservator is appointed by a court, usually with the help of a lawyer, to conserve the property and assets of a protected person's estate. The protected person is either a minor child or an incapacitated person. The conservator's role is to act in the place of the protected person and manage the assets of the person's estate.

The conservator's decision-making authority can be broad and general or limited and specific. Courts and Minnesota law want to limit conservatorship powers to those only that are required to act in the protected person's interest and on the estate's behalf.

If a protected person does not have capacity to pay monthly bills but is able to go grocery shopping once a week, then the court will probably limit the conservator's power to be able only to pay the monthly bills. The protected person can still go grocery shopping.

Conservatorship might be required in Minnesota even though guardianship is not also required. The necessity of each is evaluated separately. There are many cases where a person lacks sufficient capacity to manage his or her financial estate but is still perfectly able to live alone and dress and feed and care for him- or herself.

If you are ready to talk to an attorney about starting the judicial process of Minnesota conservatorship, please don't hesitate to contact me, a Minnesota conservatorship lawyer.

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